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Who is an Estonian company suitable for?


Estonia is an attractive country for doing business. Many businessmen and freelancers decide to register their company here for an easy, fast and fully electronic way of doing business. Who is suitable for doing business through an Estonian company, and who is better off thinking about another jurisdiction or registering a company in their own country?

Who can definitely register an Estonian company?

  • Software developers, selling their SaaS product.
  • IT companies developing software for business around the world.
  • Developers of games, apps for AppStore and Google Play.
  • Freelancers/Digital nomads who provide professional services around the world (e.g. advertisers, marketers, interior designers, web designers, programmers, etc.).
  • Consultants providing services around the world (business advisers, financial advisers, lawyers, etc.).
  • Online stores working under the dropshipping model or having a warehouse in Estonia.
  • Amazon sellers using the FBA service.

Who is definitely not suited to an Estonian company?

  • If you want to open a company to provide services in your own country.
  • If you want to open a company to sell goods in your own country.
  • If you are not going to sell by dropshipping and don't have a warehouse in Estonia.

Who are we not serving?

  • Companies that are going to offer any kind of investment service.
  • Cryptocurrencies exchanges.