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Tax-free humanitarian aid to Ukraine

If you would like to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine, you can do it from your company as well. If you donate company money to the organisations listed below, there will be no tax for the company in connection with these donations.

List of organisations providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine:

  1. Ukraina Kultuurikeskus (reg. code 80167576) — Go to the site
  2. MTÜ Eesti Pagulasabi (reg. code 80137003) —  Go to the site
  3. MTÜ Mondo (reg. code 80260583) —  Go to the site
  4. Eesti Punan Rist (reg. code 80064706) — Go to the site

Just in case, we remind you that donations from companies are not subject to income tax only if they are made to organisations on this list published by the Tax Board: