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Taxation of services

In this article we will look at what types of services there are, who can be served and how to understand what VAT rate to choose when creating an invoice for your client in Nola Accounting. What kinds of services are there? Intangible services are services that are intangible in nature, i.e. they are not connected in any way to the goods.

Project News - 03.06.2022

We are constantly monitoring feedback from our customers. In recent months we have received a lot of inquiries about multilingualism and the ability to create invoices based on past invoices. We are happy to inform you that we have added this functionality to Nola Accounting.

Company use of a passenger car

As a rule, there are two main options of using a car for the company's needs: 1. The company is the owner of the car or the car is leased 2. A personal car of employee, board member or company owner is used for business purposes Let us consider these situations in more detail.

Annual report deadline for 2021

Когда срок подачи годового отчёта за 2021 год, если хозяйственный год календарный? В общем случае срок подачи годового отчёта составляет 6 месяцев с момента окончания хозяйственного года. Хозяйственный год предприятия указан в уставе компании. Пример Хозяйственный год предприятия, согласно уставу, начинается 01.01 и заканчивается 31.12. Это означает, что конец хозяйственного...

Tax-free humanitarian aid to Ukraine

If you would like to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine, you can do it from your company as well. If you donate company money to the organisations listed below, there will be no tax for the company in connection with these donations.